Ambassador: Helen Burke-Smith

Helen Burke-Smith, having suffered from anorexia for most of her early twenties, being hospitalised on a number of occasions over those dark years, has made an incredible recovery, (with the help of a team of highly qualified and inspirational psychotherapists). Helen has gone on to not only give birth to her beautiful daughter, Evelyn, but also to walk away from her job in the city and re train as a psychotherapist. Helen, on her social media platform, is a major advocate of using fitness and exercise as a way in which to help her mental health. As a new mum, with very little time for herself, Helen gave herself one gift when becoming a mum. And that was 45 minutes a day away from the home to exercise. She took that time each day to just focus on her so that when she went home she could give all of herself to being the best mum she could be. Its hard to really take your mind away from your baby, but she found gym classes were the best way of doing this. She didn’t have to think about anything, just getting lost in the moment of the class and moving her body. It’s so easy as a new mum to lose yourself to your babe but she is a huge advocate of exercise as a way to relieve the tensions, help minimise the fatigue experienced as a new mum and also to meet friends and socialise! Helen’s mantra is that she works out because she loves her body, not because she hates it. She works out to make her body stronger, to help it to recover and to rebuild muscles and strengthen her heart, after the wastage that occurred during those years of anorexia.
Helen has now embarked on a Masters (MSc) Degree in Contemporary Person-Centred Psychotherapy and Applications. With this, Helen is planning to set up her own in patient clinic to help women suffering with eating disorders and addictions. 
Helen is a fully qualified and practising Hypnobirthing practitioner, DipHB(KGH) and having given birth at home, (planned and with no pain relief may we add) using only the power of the mind. She wants to empower other women to believe in their bodies, trust in the most natural process in the world and actually enjoy the birthing experience. Helen quotes, “There is nothing else as powerful and incredible as giving birth!”
Helen is currently working in London with the NHS, at a centre specialising in helping vulnerable women struggling with mental health problems.